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    Back Row: ? , ? , John Swankhuisen, ? , ? , Graham Thomson
    2nd Back Row: Helen Miltiadious, Merril Setches, Gayle Fleming, ? , ? , Bronwyn Peters, Susan Wakefield?
    2nd Row: ? , ? , Gary Vogel, Leigh Adams, Martin Heddles, ? , John Spencer, Bruce ?
    Front Row: Carol Dinsdale, Julie Francis, Lexine Baillie, Ann Castell, Rosalind Miller, Linda German, Gail Harrison, Kaye Young, Connie Berg

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    Back Row: Faye Stewart, Ketty Kelava, Christine Canovan, Sue Harwood, Gail Pittaway, Carol Dinsdale, Alison Webb
    2nd Back Row: Christina Wells, Gillian Brimacombe, Robyn Parry, Jan Sheeky, Sandra ?, Jackie Eves, Colleen ?, ? , Jackie Wootten
    2nd Row: Mary Ciecorski, ? , Janet Williams, Jenny Davis, Mr Phillips (Teacher), Linda Ferguson, Dianne Casey, Anita Plavins, Linda German
    Front Row: Olga Djorjevic, Karen Brown, Noelene Heskey, Kay Benson, Julie Francis, Bronwyn Peters, Jenny Young, Janice Metcalfe, Ann Castell

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    1958 LVCH Trainee Nurses:

    Back Row: Horry Alympic, Pam Taylor, Barbara Park, Marian McIntosh, Marlene Singer, Marlies Kosmer, Frances Hallinan, Irene Park, Margaret Skinner, Kathy Williams, Tilly Crouch, Lorraine Rooney, Mary Coutts (Smith), Deana Burnett, Alan Ganley

    Front Row: Elsie Bellman, Jan Wicks, Margaret Heath, Dora Knibb, Matron Baker, Ann O’Brien, Ann Macklin, Elsie Patterson, Ann Oswald

    Photo from Irene Hunnam (Park)
    Names from Marg Cook

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    Source: State Library of Victoria Ref: H2009 18/256

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    The following newspaper article was published in the ‘Morwell Advertiser’ on August 23rd in 1934; and reports on the AGM of the Yallourn Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind.
    The listed names of the collectors for Yallourn Auxiliary of the RVIB, again highlight the degree of involvement of local people in the various organizations and clubs of the town.
    The footnotes to the story endeavour to give some background to the establishment of the Yallourn auxiliary of the RVIB. My apologies for any spelling errors, of family names as mentioned in the article, when transcribing from the original document - e.g. A.S Padfield may be Hatfield. (Roger)

    August 23rd 1934 ‘MORWELL ADVERTISER’ PAGE 9
    Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind

    The Annual Meeting of the Yallourn Auxiliary for the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind was held on Monday, August 13th, in St. John's Vestry and last year's officers were re-elected, namely:
    • President: Mrs E. Dann.
    • Secretary: Mrs R. J. McKay.
    • Treasurer: Mrs W. B. Nelson.
    The collections for this financial year of the Auxiliary were not as good as last year, the total amount of £54/10/3 being collected. An amount of £60 was forwarded to the Institute this being possible owing to the fact that there was a small amount in hand brought forward from last year's collections.
    The Auxiliary wish to thank all who so kindly gave in the past year and hope that when the collectors make their half yearly round within the next few weeks, they will meet with a generous response.
    The collectors for the coming year will be the same as in the previous years: Mesdames J. M. Andrew, P. Armstrong, W. F. Connolly, E. Dann, E. Erikson, S. Fullard, G. Elliott, T. Hill, P. Harry, H. Heinecke, R. A. Hunt, W. Jamieson, J. Lucas, R. J. McKay, F. B. Meens, D. H. Milner, H. Parkinson, K. Patterson, A. S. Padfield, W. B. Nelson, H. Lynch, Miss P. Grant and Mr J. Lucas.
    1. The origins of the Royal Institute for the Blind can be traced back nearly 150 years ago when the Victorian Asylum and School for the Blind was established. The School for the Blind changed its name to the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind in 1868.
    2. The Yallourn Auxiliary of the RVIB was formed sometime in the early 1930’s; and the organization appears to have been first mentioned in the local newspapers in 1933.
    3. The names listed in the above article include Mrs James Moore Andrew and Mrs E. Dann. Both women were actively involved in various organizations within the town; and Mrs P. Armstrong, whose name is given among the designated collectors, was the Secretary of the Yallourn Auxiliary of the RVIB for two decades.
    4. Mrs Armstrong seems to have been the driving force behind the RVIB Auxiliary and a truly remarkable resident of Yallourn…
    “ Of more genteel spirit , perhaps, was Jane Armstrong, wife of Percy who went to the town in 1924 and remained till the 1970’s. She was staunch worker for the Methodist Church and the Auxiliary for the blind of which she was secretary for 20 years.” ‘Yallourn Was’ Page: 175.
    It is known that Mrs Armstrong was also the President of the Food for Britain Ladies’ Committee that existed in Yallourn for some years.
    5. £ 54/10/3 (pounds/shillings /pence) in 1934 would be approx. equivalent to $5,180( dollars) today. Considering that there were some 3100 residents in Yallourn ( 1935 Census); and that the money was collected during the harsh years of the Great Depression, it appears that the Yallourn Auxiliary, of the RVIB, was very active and most dedicated in fund raising for the blind.
    6. In 2004, the RVIB, Royal Blind Society, Vision Australia Foundation and the National Information Library Service merged to form Vision Australia.
    7. In later years, other organisations such as ‘Hear a Book’ and the ‘Seeing Eye Dogs of Australia’ also became part of Vision Australia.
    8. Since earlier times, much has changed to assist the lives of blind and visually impaired people throughout Australia; and the technological innovations that have transpired would have stunned the willing volunteers of the Yallourn Auxiliary at that AGM in 1934.
    This story is part of an on-going project regarding the history of Yallourn. The article was researched and written by Roger Spaull and presented and posted by Julie George for the Virtual Yallourn website in May 2018.

    The above story from the ‘Morwell Advertiser’ newspaper has been faithfully reproduced. The only amendments to the original copy are the font style, font size and spacing, so as to enhance the article for purposes of posting on the Virtual Yallourn website.

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    Back Row: Allan Crilly (YHS), Barry Johnston (NHS), Graham McHenry (YHS
    Front Row: Ian Hill (YHS Timekeeper)

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    1947 or 1948 YHS Hockey Team (Teachers?):

    Back Row: xxx Price, Ian Wynd, Frank Farrelly, Dick Silcock, Lindsay Young
    Front Row: ? , Marion Dawson, ? , xxx Haugh, Norm Stewart

    (Photo provided by Dorothy Edwards)

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    Monty McKenna and staff at the Yallourn Station approx mid 40's. Monty was assigned to Yallourn from approx 1942 until he retired in 1950.

    Top row L-R: E G (Ted) Clarke, ? , ? , ? , ?
    Bottom Row L-R: Chris Sparkes, Wilf Peters, Jack Collins, Tom Kennedy, Monty McKenna, Cliff Montague

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    Back Row: Joan Henderson, Maureen Martin, Billy Martin, Neville Howlet, ? , Roger McKenna, ? , Janice Greg
    2nd Back Row: Norman Burke, John Hogan, ? , Catherine Cleary, Val Cook, Judith Humphries, Kay Kenny, Tony Radford, ? , Barry Neville
    2nd Row: Lorraine Rooney, Kathleen Pulis, Sandra Slater, Kay Cameron, Lynette Humphries, Norma Neville, Gwen Rice, Helen Brundle, Pat Myers, Moira Kennedy
    Front Row: Leon Green, Kevin Shine?, John Grieve?, John Pulis, Noel Brennan, John Gunn, Vincent Emmett

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    PMWU - Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union
    This cookbook was shared with readers of Virtual Yallourn by Sue VanDijk (Wallace)


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