WELCOME TO VIRTUAL YALLOURN - winner of Commendation Award Oct 2015 and Oct 2016 (two years in a row) from Royal Historical Society of Victoria - journey back with us to the old township of Yallourn in Latrobe Valley, Victoria – a unique town built between the 1920s and 1950s by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SECV) to house their workers and then dug up by the same SECV for the coal beneath in the 1980s. This is the only way we can revisit our town with our children and grandchildren.
See the many photos and house plans, navigate around our 3D Town, read information, memories and stories. Most of all, play a part in it with us by adding your own photos and memories and help us name the various people in existing photos - for everyone to share. (To contribute, contact julie@yallourn.org to set up an account.)
Ex-residents, please also take the time to add your family to the map (HERE).
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    Back Row: Julie Lacey, Rhonda Tickell, Pauline Taig, Gillian Browne, Kath Nerrie, Di Kennedy (VC), Linda Donaldson, Tammy Williams
    Front Row: Anne Stewart, Beth Watkins, Kerry Sturmfels, Sharon Tatnell, Veronica Lacey (C-CH)

    28/03/2019 - 16:55
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    Back Row: Chris Francis, Helen Rundall, Jan Houston (VC), Ted Polkinghorne (Coach), Judy Mitchell, Carol Pye, Veronica Lacey (C)
    Front Row: Alix Williams, Terry Willingham, Chris Smith, Josie Burton, Helen Escott

    28/03/2019 - 16:55
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    Back Row: Judy Mitchell, Veronica Lacey (C), Lorraine Green, Ted Polkinghorne (Coach), Julie Lacey, Helen Escott, Sharon Flynn
    Front Row: Chris Francis, Terry Willingham, Fairlie Sharp, Jenny Lowe, Carol Pye

    28/03/2019 - 16:54
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    Back Row: Pat Middlemiss, Jan Houston, Harmana Woolcock, Ted Polkinghorne (Coach), Les Grebe, Anne Stewart, Pauline Taig, Jill Kinne, Lorraine Green,
    Di Stevenson
    Front Row: Val Harrigan, Pamela Houston?, Veronica Lacey

    28/03/2019 - 16:44
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    Yallourn, last Sunday, were opposed to Sale and defeated the visitors, 2 – 1.
    This was the last game of the home and away series, and it is probable that Yallourn have missed out on a final four position by a small percentage.
    The game commenced hard and fast, and Yallourn were soon into attack with a quick goal. Both teams were combining well, and Sale levelled just before half time.
    During the second term, play became very keen, as a win for either side could decide a place in the four.
    Yallourn forwards had many tries, and eventually their efforts were rewarded.
    Shortly before the finish of the match, one of the Sale forwards had an unfortunate accident. He was treated for a dislodged knee-cap by a doctor on the scene, and then taken to hospital.
    At the final whistle , Yallourn had defeated Sale, 2 – 1
    Best and fairest points for Yallourn were awarded to R.King - 3, T.Polkinghorne – 2, K.Johnson – 1.
    Goals for Yallourn : R.Stewart 1, J.McArthur 1
    Players are reminded to be at practice on Wednesday, as a big hockey carnival is to be held at Yallourn in the near future.

    28/03/2019 - 16:28
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    In deplorable, mud conditions, last Sunday afternoon, Yallourn were hosts to St.Patrick’s College,Sale.
    The game, lacking speed, resulted in a draw, 2-2, a justified result, considering the bad conditions.
    Without any exaggeration, it could be said that the ground was at least two inches under water. As the players left the ground , it was noticed the the only “white man” was the Yallourn goalie.,P.Griffiths-
    but this “ serious “ condition was soon very ably remedied with the aid of the large quantities of mud at hand.
    Goals for Yallourn: J.McArthur 1, T.Polkinghorne 1
    Best for Yallourn: In an even side, points were allotted as follows - K.Johnson - 3, J.McAthur – 2, H.Steinkemp – 1
    Last Sunday morning, a Yallourn Under 16 team defeated the Morwell team, 1 – 0 . Both teams played exceptionally well and Yallourn’s best player was J.Kennedy, J.Lewis hit the juniors only goal.
    Next week the Seniors play Morwell at Morwell, and this should be a very keen tussle.

    28/03/2019 - 16:27
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    In splendid weather conditions last Sunday, Yallourn were hosts to the R.A.A.F. side. The visitors, now on top of the ladder, proved too strong a combination and defeated Yallourn 4 – 1
    At the commencement of the first half, the R.A.A.F. quickly goaled, showing they were to be a side to be reckoned with. Shortly afterwards, McArthur goaled splendidly for Yallourn and levelled the scores. The
    R.A.A/F forwards combined well . and managed to force a second goal.
    After the change, Yallourn had many unsuccessful tries, but had to give in to the R.A.A.F. forwards, who gradually broke through Yallourn’s defence and scored two more goals.
    A worthy mention is given to the two umpires, Mrs. L.Robertson and D.Raggatt. who willingly offered to assist and who did a splendid job.
    Best & Fairest for Yallourn were awarded as follows: T.Polkinghorne 3, J.Agius 2, J.McArthur 1
    Next Week Yallourn have the bye and all players are reminded to attend practices on Wednesday and Friday and also on Sunday, where a further practice has been arranged.

    28/03/2019 - 16:26
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    Last Sunday, in muddy conditions, Yallourn were opposed to Sale, at Sale.
    Inspired by last week’s win over St. Patrick’s College, Yallourn played exceptionally well, and drew 1-1,
    with the strong Sale combination.
    At the commencement of the game, Sale were hard into attack, and scored a quick goal. With the pressure on right through the first term, Yallourn held off many attacks, and due to the splendid back-work, particularly by the goalie, P.Griffiths, Sale could not force any more goals.
    During the second half, the tables were turned completely, and Yallourn had many tries, but could not do better than one goal. A greatly improved side, Yallourn were extremely unlucky in not defeating the seasoned Sale team.
    Yallourn’s goal was scored by D.Raggatt.
    In a very even side, points were allotted for Yallourn’s best & fairest as follows:
    T.Polkinghorne 3 , J.Lewis 2 , R.Stewart 1
    Next Sunday, Yallourn will be opposed to the R.A.A.F. team at Yallourn.
    The match will commence at 2:15 and any people interested are welcome to come down and see the game played

    28/03/2019 - 16:20
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    Back Row: ? , ? , Bev Malpass, Leanne Cooper, ? , Myra Haddrick? , Halina Maliko?, ? , ? , ? , Irene Rickman
    Middle Row: Marissa Gned, ? , Val Fankhauser, ? , Lyn Knight?, Deanna Pinal, Bev Walton, Denise Ross, Sherri McKean, Heather Norden
    Front Row: ? , Peggy Greenlees, Jeanette Foggo, Veronica Lacey, Mr Don Dyall, Elizabeth Lewis, Sylvia Lowe?, Carole Hunt, Leanne Cooper

    28/03/2019 - 15:32
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    Yallourn 1st
    Back Row: ? , ? , ? , Judy Vincent, Heather Norden, ? , Denise Ross?, Deanna Pinal, Glenda Christie, Sherri McKean, Bev Walton, ?
    Middle Row: Bev Malpass, Val Fankhauser, Leanne Cooper, ? , Elizabeth Lewis, Winifred Lacey, ? , Sandra Prust?, Marie Larkin
    Front Row: Margaret Lewis, Sylvia Lowe?, Halina Maliko?, Sandra Thompson, Elin Taig, Mr Don Dyall, Janice Ipsen, Veronica Lacey, Carole Hunt, ? , Peggy Greenlees

    28/03/2019 - 15:27